Find iTOOLco Products in Evansville, IN

Find iTOOLco Products in Evansville, IN

Stop by Nichols Electric Supply today

Are you searching for durable electrical supplies? Don’t settle for cheap products that’ll slow down your electricians. Turn to Nichols Electric Supply for innovative iTOOLco products. This brand is taking the industry by storm with top-quality tools, such as:

  • Gear Punch Knockout Tool
  • Ratchet Cutters
  • Cannon 6K™ Wire Puller
  • Freedom Cart™
  • Ground Rod Dawg™
  • Center Point Knockout Layout Tool™
  • Roll Jacks 3072™
What makes these products so special? The Cannon 6K™ Wire Puller pulls more wire per hour than any other wire puller on the market, and the Ground Rod Dawg™ eliminates the need for a ladder. These tools make your projects easier than ever.

If you’re searching for electrical tools to revolutionize your contracting company, visit Nichols Electric Supply in Evansville, IN today. We proudly serve the surrounding areas including Henderson & Madisonville, KY.

We can deliver your products in just a few hours

You don’t have time to wait for tools when you’re on the job. That’s why Nichols Electric Supply offers fast delivery services. We’ll deliver your tools to you in just three to four hours. Call 812-492-1600 to schedule a delivery today.